Sunday, November 29, 2009

We Offer Lifestyle Management

In today's fast-paced, busy society, many professionals struggle with achieving balance between their professional and personal responsibilities while still trying to find time for relaxation.
This ongoing imbalance is a great stress producer for busy professionals, especially for dual income families who have to juggle taking care of family members as well as accommodating pets. According to Good Morning America, “Absentee-ism among career professionals has tripled at the work place in the last year due to stress”, ABC TV Fall 2006.

Realizing the demand placed on these busy professional, My Personal Assistant was created to provide assistance with achieving a Health Work/ Life Balance.

“Work & Life are so intertwined for many people that there is no clear boundary defining where one begins and the next ends. An even, if an individual can identify that boundary, they may have difficulty routinely living within either realm.

The Holiday Season has begun and I'm always amazed at the stress it causes for many, although this time of sharing, caring, and giving should be a time of "joy", for is not!! There are many individuals who have yet to master their normal everyday routine, so to add more demands on top of an already hectic lifestyle, just generally creates "unnecessary chaos" for many.

This is where My Personal Assistant's expertise can be fully utilized....allow us to DE-STRESS your Holidays with a little Lifestyle Management.

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